Corporate Social Responsibility


The Alternative Pallet Company is dedicated to improving the standard of living of its employees and contribute to the economic, environmental and social well-being of its suppliers, customers, local community and the supply chain in which we operate.

The Alternative Pallet Company is committed to ensuring that our business conducts appropriately in all aspects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards. Adherence to applicable local laws and regulations, and the application of common sense, logic and the basic standards of behaviour expected in a modern society in which we participate, should guide each employee in determining the correct course of action that supports these standards in their daily working lives.

As such, we have created this policy, Corporate Social Responsibility, to encapsulate our working ethos and daily processes and procedures. To ensure full transparency this policy is divided into the following categories:

  • Governance
  • People
  • Social
  • Environment
  • Our Product


All employees should avoid situations where personal interests could conflict, or appear to conflict, with the interests of The Alternative Pallet Company and all relevant interested parties. The reputation of the business depends not only on our high level of quality, services and products but also in the way we conduct our relationships with customers, suppliers, local community, government officials and others outside The Alternative Pallet Company.

Each employee must ensure that their conduct does not provide, or give the appearance of providing, personal gain at the expense of The Alternative Pallet Company or third parties with which The Alternative Pallet Company deals with.

The giving and receiving of gifts, entertainment and gratuities between employees, customers and suppliers or other outside business acquaintances represents a source of potential conflict of interest. Any significant gift or entertainment likely to be deemed as influential upon decision making is unacceptable.

The making and receiving of illegal payments or inducements, such as bribes or facilitation payments or other corrupt practice, is contrary to the policy of The Alternative Pallet Company and the funds and resources of The Alternative Pallet Company shall not be used directly or indirectly for any such purpose. It is our policy not make any donations to political parties.

Each employee has the responsibility to ensure there are no compromises in delivering the highest standard of services and products and that every aspect of our operations which impacts upon quality promotes and reflects these standards. No one should take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information or misrepresentation of material facts.

The Alternative Pallet Company and our employees must observe all laws and regulations. Employees who are involved in the preparation of any information that will be included in any public communication to investors or in any document or report that will be legally binding must ensure that such information is full, fair, timely and understandable.

No employee shall, without proper authority access, modify, disclose or make use of any trade secrets, confidential, commercial or personal information for any purpose other than as properly required for legitimately carrying out their duties. The obligation of confidentiality continues after employees working for the Alternative Pallet Company and covers disclosure to others.

The Alternative Pallet Company actively abides by the legislation outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.

Each employee is responsible for the protection and wise stewardship of our assets. This includes being responsible for the establishment of, and adherence to, procedures that ensure our assets are not put in jeopardy or used wastefully. Whether it is the responsibility for, for example, management of equipment and premises, energy conservation, security, protection of information or effective control procedures, every employee must seek to use all our resources with efficiency, honesty and the highest standards of care. All employees are prohibited from taking for themselves, business opportunities that arise using The Alternative Pallet Company’s property, information or position. This includes obtaining personal gain or competing with The Alternative Pallet Company.

To aid in the development of processes and procedures, The Alternative Pallet Company subscribes to the Quality Management System, ISO9001:2015. This ensures that The Alternative Pallet Company can optimise productivity and efficiency, whilst allowing full transparency through all operations within the business.


Our commitment to diversity is at every level of our organisation. We provide our workforce with an inclusive environment where diversity of thought is valued and respected. We value diversity in ethnicity, gender, language, age, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, political persuasion, experience and education.

We are committed to protect labour rights and ensure that we comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, in accordance with Section 54 Part 6. This outlines the precautions we make to ensure that slavery and human trafficking does not take place within our organisation and wider supply chain.

We aim to ensure that employees are treated fairly, evaluated objectively and enabled to succeed.

The Alternative Pallet Company recognises our employee’s individuality, as such, we ensure that we develop our in-house talent to reach their full potential. In doing so, we can adapt our ways of working to benefit the individual, business and all interested stakeholders.

Where necessary and applicable, we provide our employees with a detailed training plan, including a full company induction, on the job training and job-specific requirement.

As part of our continual improvement culture,  we highlight our training needs through an appraisal system. To ensure validity and fairness, we encourage our employees to provide 360-degree feedback to their line managers and provide employee suggestions for the wider business. In doing this, we feel that all employees are treated equally.

To enable our workforce to operate in a safe and functioning environment, we have established various committees to oversee the safety and wellbeing of the employees and the wider business. These include:

  • General Health and Safety committee
  • Fire Warden Committee
  • Fire Aid Committee

To ensure we establish full commitment from all employees, the matter of Health, Safety and Wellbeing is encouraged and discussed from operative level through to Senior Management and Board level.

To highlight and encourage People Management within all areas of the business, we have developed our core values, translating them into the 7 habits of PALLITE®. This empowers all employees to achieve their full potential whilst in the business:

Performance The strive to exceed service expectations of fellow employees, customers and supplier
Attitude Display a positive attitude in a challenging situation, exceptional and effective interaction with others and a willingness to go the extra mile
Leadership To take ownership of every task, process or situation
Learning & Development To embrace an ethos of self-development combined with a desire to share knowledge
Innovation To constructively challenge ourselves and others towards continuous improvement for the ongoing benefit of the business.
Timeliness To strive to meet deadlines in a timely manner with mutual respect to those that it impacts
Engagement To have the health and wellbeing of those you interact at the top of your priorities at all times


We are committed to creating economic opportunity and fostering goodwill in our community through charitable donations, support for community and further reaching projects such as Northamptonshire’s homeless centre, The Hope Centre, school events and local charities.

To ensure we can offer the most value to global charities, we have aligned ourselves with Transaid. Transaid is a charity that “transforms lives through safe, available and sustainable transport”. We feel that this echoes our core values with regards to sustainability and empowering people to build the skills they need to transform their own lives. (

As a community, we feel that to fully understand our supply chain, we should share in knowledge and practice. As such, we are active members of the local Chamber of Commerce (Northamptonshire)  and participate in forums and seminars headed by local education (University of Northampton). By doing so, we can impart best practice to understand how we can become an inclusive part of an ever-evolving community.


The Alternative Pallet Company is committed to ensuring that all impact on the environment is kept to a minimum and where applicable reduced. Improving our environmental performance is integral to our business strategy, subscribing to the Environmental Management System, ISO14001:2015. This ensures we have a dedicated framework to work towards, educating our workforce and achieving good environmental practice which in turn encourages sustainable practice to all stakeholders.

The Alternative Pallet Company has dedicated objectives and targets to minimise environmental impact. The objectives and targets monitor daily activity, allowing for quick analysis and action should it be found and deemed necessary. Included in our monitor, but not limited to, are :

  • Utility usage
  • Production waste and efficiency
  • CO2 emission

We feel that by reviewing these outputs we can effectively leverage our environmental impact and ensure we meet our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Natural Resource Management is a tangible output that allows the business to reduce our impact on the environment. As such, we have certain policies in place that all employees abide by:

  • Switch Off Policy – this prevents unnecessary electricity consumption
  • Paper Policy – reduces the consumption of print media
  • Waste Segregation – prevents waste streams from being contaminated, allowing for zero to landfill and efficient recycling of waste

To ensure full transparency in all our activity, and to achieve a viable level of Corporate Social Responsibility, we have nominated the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations (


All PALLITE® products are designed and manufactured in the UK and made from over 80% recycled materials, sourced from well-managed forests.

Our entire product range is 100% recyclable after use, preventing the need to use landfill to dispose of the product.

Due to the lightweight nature of the product, our customers can benefit from reduced CO2 consumption during transit and in turn a decrease in fuel consumption when transporting goods. Comparing this to a wooden alternative, our customers can experience a saving on fuel while reducing their carbon footprint.

To evidence the environmental credentials of PALLITE®, The Alternative Pallet Company has conducted a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of our products. This ensures that when being compared to an alternate transit material like wood, PALLITE® is more environmentally sound and credible.

To allow for quick and efficient exporting and importing of goods, the PALLITE® range is ISPM15 exempt. This means that PALLITE® products do not need to undergo fumigation or heat treatment as a preventative measure for mould and insect infestation.

The use of PALLITE® products also encourages better health and safety practices within the value chain. The entire PALLITE® range is free from nails and splinters, allowing for more effective handling and reducing the risk of injuries.

The technology used within PALLITE® products, allows our customers to maximise container and vehicle capacity.

For example, if a customer usually double-stacked Euro pallets in a 40ft container, they could transport up to 28.5% more product by using a  PALLITE® Euro pallet.

By creating bespoke solutions, the PALLITE® range can protect consignments and prevent movement during transit. This ensures that end consumers’ products arrive undamaged, preventing the need for remanufacturing and unnecessarily increasing our customers’ carbon footprint.

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